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The Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology is a nationally representative non-governmental business organization in the field of mining and related activities in Bulgaria, established in 1991.

The Chamber is a member of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria, the European Association of Mining, Metal Ores and Industrial Materials (EUROMINES) and the European Association for Coal and Lignite (EVRACOL).

The Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology supports the UN Global Compact and is an active member of the Bulgarian UN Network.

Between 50 and 100% of the companies in Bulgaria with businesses in the respective branches of the industry are members of the Chamber. The Chamber members contribute up to 5% of the country’s GDP, provide over 30,000 direct jobs, and in excess of 120,000 jobs as indirect employment.


The members of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry provide high representativeness – from 50 to 100% of all companies operating in the respective sub-ranges. They account for about 5% of the country’s gross domestic product, jobs for 30,000 people and other related activities for another 120,000 people.

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How to become a member?

The application for membership of the BCMG should be in writing and addressed to the Management Board, accompanied by a completed questionnaire and a declaration that the Chamber’s Code of Ethics will be observed. The applicant should also present a court decision regarding the registration of the natural person as trader or of the legal entity, a profit and loss statement and balance sheet for the last financial year, a certificate of good standing and a reference by a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology. The complete bundle of documents should be sent to BCMG’s address for applications, namely kandidaturi@bmgk-bg.org


List of documents required to apply for membership in the Chamber.

Why to become a member?

The Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Industry defends the interests of its members in the formation of the national policy and in the elaboration and perfection of the legal framework in the field of underground natural resources in Bulgaria. In order to ensure maximum protection of the interests of its member organizations, BCMG is working in partnership with government authorities and with international organizations; it participates in partnership bodies at national, industry and regional level, which includes the entering into a sector /industry/ collective labour agreement. The Chamber realizes business networking and cooperation with local and international organizations for experience exchange by promoting the attraction of Bulgarian and foreign investment to the industry. BCMG provides consultations to its members on problems of labour legislation, on healthy and safe working conditions and social interrelations. The Chamber renders assistance in the exchange of information between its members, including by arranging their participation in international exhibitions and fairs and providing market information on the creation of strategies for competitiveness.

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