Significance of the Mineral Resources Industry

The mineral resources industry is the basis for all other industries: metallurgy, mechanical engineering industry, chemical industry, energetics, glass and porcelain industry, construction, electrical engineering industry, electronics, instruments building and many more.

  • three-fourths of the items that surround us were made from extracted mineral resources;
  • one-fourth of them were made with instruments made of such mineral resources;
  • 40 % of electrical energy in the country is based on mineral resources – solid fuels.

The mineral resources industry is a sector of strategic significance for the Bulgarian economy and one of the best developing in the past years. Bulgaria is among the European Union countries with long traditions and experience in the development of the extraction industry.

National Strategy for Development of the Mineral Resources Industry

The mining industry in the Republic of Bulgaria is a key sector and one of the main drives in economic development through increase of consumption of raw materials from the internal market and production of end products with high value added. The mining industry develops through effective, complex and long-term utilization of underground natural resources in compliance with the requirements of sustainable development encompassing the three main aspects: economic, ecological – green mining industry, and social – corporate social responsibility.