History of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology

The Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology was established on 09.08.1991 when its Constituent Assembly was held. In 1992 the industry organization was entered in the special register of the Sofia City Court under corporate file No. 2701 of 1992 under the name: Bulgarian Chamber of Companies from the Industry of Prospecting, Mining and Processing of Mineral Raw Materials.

The founding members of the organization were: „Asarel-Medet” AD, „Vatia” OOD, „Trakia-RM” OOD, „Georesurs” OOD, „Chelopech” OOD, SF „Ossogovo”, „Goroubso” AD, SF „Minstroy”, ДФ „Minstroy” – Bojourishte , SF „Chiprovets”, SF „Oustrem”, „Redmet” OOD, „Podzemno stroitelstvo” OOD, „Geocom” OOD, „Sofgeoprouchvane” OOD, „Ogneuporni glini” OOD, „Pirin” OOD.

In September 1991 BCMG signed the first industry collective agreement in the country. Included in the contract were measures of crucial importance for the survival of the industry, safeguarding public order and termination of miners’ strikes in the hard times of transition for this country.

In 1999 BCMG became member of the European Association of Mining Industries, Metal Ores and Industrial Materials (EUROMINES) and the European Association for Coal and Lignites (EUROCOAL).

On 04.06.2003 BCMG organized, jointly with EUROMINES, a seminar to present the European legislation regulating the mining industry.

In October 2005 BCMG initiated and organized the constituent meeting of the Balkan Mining Business Association (BMBA).

In 2009 BCMG signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the leading political forces in the country for working out a national policy in the field of underground natural resources and for undertaking pressing changes in the Underground Natural Resources Act in order to ensure the sustainable development of the industry.

First Chairman of BCMG

The founder of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology and its chairman for 26 years is Prof. Dr. Lachezar Tsotsorkov (1945 – 2017).

Prof. Tsotsorkov has actively participated and contributed to the sustainable development of the mining industry and laid the foundations of a modern model of social dialogue with the mining trade unions that contributed to preserving social peace during hard times for the country. As a business leader, he was known for his impressive vision, diligence, tenacity, humanity and integrity. Prof. Tsotsorkov started a number of initiatives of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology, such as the development and adoption of the National Strategy for Sector Development, the Standard for Sustainable Development of the Mineral Resources Industry, the Industry Model for Training of Staff, the European Mining Business Forum and a number of other projects and events, which established the Chamber as one of the most significant industry organizations in Bulgaria.

Prof. Tsotsorkov was a long-term executive director of Assarel-Medet AD and since 2014 has been elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company.

On April 27, 2017 he was elected the first Honorary Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.